After having many years of success together and with various other artists & producers, Bill Davis, Franc Ortega and Ricky Lewis have formed the finest and most authentic tribute act to one of the most well-known bands of all time.  The “Little Ol’ Band from Texas” has endured many decades of great music and constant touring.

    Ricky (Rev. Ricky G.), Bill (Rusty Bill), and Franc (Franc Beerz) have spent a great amount of time and effort completing the act that will provide them many years of performing as an unbelievably tight and incredibly powerful three piece group. 


   This ZZ Top tribute is second to none.  Paying close attention to the true recorded sounds of ZZ Top’s music, audiences close their eyes and feel they are at the show with the real band....a statement hard to match. 


   Like three brothers, Ricky, Bill and Franc have traveled worldwide together and have always wanted to perform as a full-time, professional touring band.  They please audiences wherever they go with whatever music genre they may perform, the “Z” show affirming that they are truly at the top of their game.


   This is the act that will be recognized for years to come as a major entertainment force…..a lot like the guys they’re paying tribute to.